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How to make money to selling photos online

You can make a decent amount selling photos online, even if you don’t have a high-end camera. You can selling photos online with a decent smartphone camera and a steady hand.

There are many ways to make money to selling photos that you already have taken, regardless of how you take them. There are many ways to increase your photography skills and income, from selling your Insta photos to making a photobook.

Continue reading to learn how you can live your dream and make a living out of photography.

How to make photos online using stock libraries

Stock libraries purchase and sell digital photos on websites, books, products, and ads. The photographer gets a cut of each sale.

A stock site is great for selling photos and earning passive income. You can upload one photo and then sell it again and again.

Before you can be accepted to an online stock photography library, you may need to submit some photos. After this, some sites will continue to review all submissions and will gladly bounce any that don’t conform to their standards.

You’ll always need to be focused on picking the best shots. You don’t need to be discouraged by rejections – join multiple stock image sites and post photos to all of them for the best coverage.

The best websites to selling photos online

These stock image websites will help you make as many sales online as possible.


To sell stock photos, we recommend Alamy as your first choice. The student contributor program gives you 100% off the sale price of your images for two years. This is great! The scheme will require your uni to participate, but many UK institutions are already.

Images on Alamy usually sell for PS65 per. However, photos can go anywhere between PS15 and PS360, depending on the purpose of your photos.

The payout for images that Alamy has made exclusive to you is a decent 50%, even if you are not a student. Images that aren’t exclusive to Alamy get you slightly less. You can sell phone photos through the Stockimo app (App Store only). This earns you 20 percent to selling photos.


Picfair has a twist. You decide what price your images will sell for. The lower the price, the more people will likely purchase your images. This site is great if you have high-quality photos worth their price.

Picfair will add 20% to their cut. However, the price you set is what you will get if your image sells.


It would be Alamy if Instagram and Alamy were a couple. EyeEm is a photo-sharing website. However, you can also make more money through the marketplace if your images are not getting enough likes.

You could earn 25 to 55% from image sales, depending on how much you have made through the site over the past year. 

EyeEm also offers how-to articles, themed missions, and other bonus features. You can also upload photos from your phone or computer to EyeEm.


Foap was built for phone photographers. Everything is handled through the app (free on Android and App Store). Foap selling photos at PS7 and HTML8 and splits the proceeds 50/50 after reducing taxes or dues.

You can also submit photos to the Missions for extra cash and perks.


Dreamstime Offers up to 60% for select contributors

The price of your photo also increases the more you download it: Newbie images can be sold for PS0.25 to HTML3.50.

Start selling photos taken on your phone with the Dreamstime app (on Google and iPhone).

Getty Images

Getty Images takes 15% off an image’s sale price. However, you can promise a larger cut if the image is exclusive to your site (around 25 – 45%). ).

Single images are available starting at PS50. However, the type of subscription or license purchased by the customer determines how your slice will be calculated.


Shutterstock is one the most well-known stock photo sites to sell to. You will earn per photo based on your subscription type and lifetime earnings (the amount you have earned as a contributor to Shutterstock).

When you first become a Shutterstock contributor, it’s important to note that you will only earn 15% for every image you sell.

The higher the percentage of images you sell in a given year, the more you will receive. This resets at the start of each calendar year, and you’ll earn 15% per image until your images sell again.

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