Selling Stuff Online

7 Places to Selling Stuff Online to Make Money

When selecting large marketplaces, local platforms, and specialty sites, you should consider convenience and fees. It is important to choose the right venue before you start selling stuff online to make additional money. Selling Grandma’s vintage tea cups differs from selling your old stereo system.

Selling Stuff Online and Auctions

There are several major online auction and sale sites. Some charge higher fees than others. Amazon and eBay, the two major players in the online auction market, charge higher fees but are also the most visited sites on the web. You can start selling stuff online to make money. These sites are great if you’re looking for speedy sales. It might take you longer to find a buyer for a smaller site if your goal is to maximize profit.

1. Amazon

Amazon lets you sell anything. However, specific categories may require Amazon approval. You will need an upgraded selling plan. Amazon can charge various fees depending on which selling plan you have.

Amazon will charge 99c per item sold if you select the Individual selling plan. Referral fees can be calculated as a percentage of the total item price. It does not include shipping costs and taxes. Ranges are generally from 8% to 15%. You’ll also have to pay a $1.80 final fee if your media items include books, movies, and games.

2. eBay

eBay makes it easy to sell and auction a wide range of goods. You pay a fee per listing and another fee for each item you sell. The fees depend on many factors, including the item price and category and your seller’s performance. 12.9% of the item’s final sale price is charged for most items. This includes shipping and tax plus 30 cents. eBay charges 35 cents for each listing that exceeds 250 items.

3. Bonanza

Bonanza sells similar products to Amazon and eBay. It charges fees according to the item’s price and any additional shipping cost above $10. The fee for selling an item at $20 would be $13 if shipped at $13. Bonanza charges a 3.5% fee on top of that price. In this example, the cost would be around 80c. You will be charged a minimum of 50 cents for each item.

4. Craigslist. Facebook Marketplace. OfferUp

These websites and apps do not take cut off your sales. But you must connect with your buyer, meet up in person and make the exchange. This is quite a different approach to online auctions and sales. If you don’t feel confident handling the logistics and meeting up with strangers, then you should stick to selling stuff online.

Depending on your selling, you might arrange to meet your buyer publicly. Some local police stations have “safe havens” that allow you to sell. You could also have a friend accompany you as you go. The key is simplicity: you don’t need to pack, ship, or pay fees. All you need is cash. This marketplace is not like many other online-only selling sites. There are no guarantees or protections in case your buyer does not meet all of your expectations.

Clothes, vintage, and crafts

Online auction sites can be great for miscellaneous goods, but it’s not the best way to get rid of antiques or vintage clothes.

5. Poshmark

Poshmark is an online social network and sales platform for clothing and other goods. Its fee arrangement is simple. You will be charged $2.95 for all orders under $15. If you order $15 or more, the 20% fee applies. Poshmark charges $7.67 for expedited shipping to your buyer. Print a shipping label, pack your clothes, and send them off.

6. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane charges a $25 monthly fee to allow you to post items for sale. If you list more than 15 items each month, you will receive a $25 discount. Ruby Lane also charges 9.9% on the purchase total. (View a more comprehensive fee schedule here.

Before diving into Ruby Lane, it is important to understand how you can recoup the maintenance and service costs.

7. Etsy

Etsy allows you to sell handmade and vintage crafts. A listing costs 20c plus a 6.5% fee. Shipping and handling are included in the item’s price. To process your payment using Etsy Payments, an additional 3% will be charged in addition to 25 cents.

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