Semi-Passive Small Ideas for Business

Semi-Passive Small Ideas for Business

Semi-Passive Small Ideas for Business

I refer to them as semi-passive income since they’re more similar to an enterprise, and not as similar to the concepts that I mentioned above. They all require a little bit of time and investment. Once you’ve invested to earn more money, and generally achieve this by investing in a passive manner.

However, all of them require an ongoing investment of time which means they’re not 100 percent passive as an account for savings.

1. Find Your Place on Airbnb

If you own a house or apartment, spare room or even a back yard, consider listing your property on AirBNB and begin earning cash once you have your property reserved. Join AirBNB now.

AirBNB is a great option because you can earn money from an existing space. It will require some effort to prepare your space, put it on the market and tidy up after guestsleave, however, it’s a pretty passive process.

2. Lease Out Your Space

Maybe you don’t have room or a full home (who would be able to pay for it)? Perhaps you have a the space to let to those who require storage. This is the point at which Neighbor is into the picture.

Through Neighbor You can lease space that you aren’t using for storage to people who need to store their possessions. Common things can be rented are driveways for RV or car storage and garage storage spaces, and storage spaces for businesses.

Find the Neighbor app here and begin making passive income by renting out any space that you have.

3. Car Wash

It’s always been my dream to have an auto wash. It’s such an ideal way to earn a passive income. Although regular maintenance is necessary at a car washe it’s a task you can rent out or do each week.

A side note: I’m talking about the basic car wash, which consists of made of cinderblocks, a pressure wash and a coin operated. If you’re running a car wash with a drive-through is definitely an enterprise vs. an income stream that is passive.

4. You Can Rent Out Your Car

Like listing your home to rent, you could add your vehicle to rent. This is a true passive since, once you’ve listed your vehicle, it could generate income even in the event that you don’t use it!

Our preferred partner for renting your vehicle is Turo. Turo lets you rent your car on rental and, when someone rents them, Turo handles the rest!

The best part about Turo the best thing about it is that, based on your location and the type of vehicle you own it is possible to earn an adequate passive income!

Visit Turo Here and begin making passive income from your vehicle! .

5. Vending Machines

Vending machines are another excellent low-maintenance small business concept. I know a person who has vending machines throughout the towns around. He replenishes them and cashes them out twice a week. The vending machine business he operates will be part of his pension plan.

6. Storage Rentals

My cousin has a collection of storage units and gets monthly checks to let customers lease these units. One of the only times she appears to work the storage units is when she has an opening in an storage unit.

If you’re not certain about investing in this area it is possible to invest in storage rental properties through REIT.

7. Laundromat

I debated if I should include this item here, as it may seem like running a laundromat is passive, I’m sure there will be lots of regular maintenance to be done. It’s your call on this one.

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