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How can you make money with Snapchat Spotlight in 2022

Creators overlook Snapchat as it’s perceived to be a social media platform that only allows them to share photos with their friends. Snapchat Spotlight features the most engaging and small-sized videos on Snapchat. This feature is what creators love.

Take into account that you can earn cash incentives up to $1,000,000 by taking the best snaps.

1. What is Snapchat Spotlight exactly?

Spotlight is Snapchat’s TikTok-like feature that displays the most popular 60-second videos from users in a designated section.

The joy of creating small videos while competing against Instagram Reels YouTube Shorts and TikTok is not the only reason why Snapchat gives over a million bucks in funding for the best Spotlight videos. These winners are chosen from among the 249,000,000 users.

Spotlight has no comments section, which is a departure from other similar video-sharing apps like TikTok.

You can only access music from the app’s platform library. If you are older than 18 and have a publicly visible profile, your name will not be visible.

Snapchat presents Spotlight videos according to four factors. Only creators or brands can view these analytics.

The higher you rank on these factors, your chances of being rewarded are greater. It’s a great way to make your videos viral and get paid from Snapchat.

Spotlight offers a chance to cash in on this opportunity. Let’s review some guidelines for submitting your photo.

2. Guidelines to submit photos to Spotlight

You spent a lot of time and effort creating the perfect idea, shooting it, editing it, and finally publishing it on Spotlight. The spotlight will not publish your snap if it’s not approved. It is therefore important to read the guidelines carefully before you start creating content.

Here are some things you need to remember when sending snaps in order to increase your chances of being chosen for Spotlight.

  • Your Snap should comply with Snapchat’s community guidelines. (13+)
  • They must be vertical videos with sound. A minimum aspect ratio of 3:4 (recommended: 9:16) is required. The videos must also have a minimum horizontal resolution of 640px.
  • The video should not exceed 60 seconds.
  • Your video should not be used to promote a product or service that is sponsored by you or another company.
  • Submit your snap to Spotlight with a #topic. This allows users to view more snaps of the same subject and gives you visibility.
  • Spotlight can accept videos from your Camera Roll, but they prefer you take them inside the app using built-in filters.
  • Only submit original content. Avoid duplicate entries, as Snapchat will limit the number of snaps that you send within a certain time window.
  • Spotlight cash prizes only a few million users can win, so be generous. Add some flair to your photos with captions, filters, and lenses.

3. How do I submit a snapshot to Spotlight

Spotlight can be sent by anyone. To submit your snaps, follow these easy steps

  1. Open Snapchat, and use the camera and filters to create a clip with music and/or music.
  2. As soon as you’re happy with the video, click the “Send” button in the lower right corner.
  3. Click the “Spotlight” button at the top.
  4. Add relevant subjects by tapping #AddTopic. Snapchat can then categorize the video and show it off to the relevant audiences. It’s similar to how Instagram and TikTok use hashtags. 
  5. Click the arrow icon in the bottom right corner to confirm your selection.
  6. Click on your avatar at the top left corner to view your Spotlight Snap.
  7. Click On “Spotlight And Snap Map” To See Your Snap(s) & Views

4. How to increase Snapchat Spotlight Views?


Snapchat’s algorithm puts the latest content at top of a user’s feed. This is why it’s important to post regularly so your videos can rise to the top, be seen more often, and gain more views.

However, regular posting doesn’t mean random content. It is important to have a content strategy in place to keep your audience engaged, and drive more views, shares, and screenshots. This is the basis for better ranking and being rewarded.


You can’t just create content. You have to also share your content–in this example, on Snapchat. Use your snapcode to share it on social media platforms TwitterFacebook, and Twitter to reach more people.

In your social media posts or captions, you can add your Snapchat profile link as a call for action. Snapchat will always show the most recent video to their feed so you can get more people to see your profile.


You must give the algorithm and users reasons to view and follow your content. It is important to provide context and follow a structure when creating content.

For text and video, use the same colors. Create a niche to create content. You can’t suddenly create DIY or ASMR videos of your pet and then suddenly start creating pet videos. You can give your audience a sense of what type of content you are capable of producing by selecting a niche.

The bottom line: Getting more Spotlight users is more about uniqueness, consistency, and distribution than promotion and promotion. You can be innovative and expressive with your ideas. Show off your personality to engage viewers with structured content.

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