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Top-paid Online Survey Sites (2022)

Each site offers a limited number of paid surveys per month. Join as many online survey sites as possible to make more money and earn more rewards. More tips are provided at the end.

A community that conducts systematic market research worldwide.

Top-paid Online Survey Sites

Who are these people? Branded surveys are very popular among survey enthusiasts as they offer a large volume of paid surveys.

Reward: Gift cards or money.

Survey amount: 50 to 500 points (100 points = 1 or PS0.77).

Min. Minimum reward threshold: $5 (PS3.75)


Who are these people? Swagbucks is one of the most trusted and reliable paid survey sites. Over $600,000,000 has been paid in rewards to members worldwide. You can earn rewards by playing games, watching videos, purchasing online, and searching the internet.

Rewards – Money, vouchers, and prize draws

Survey amount: 30 to 150 SB points (100 SB = 1 or PS0.77).


This is one of the largest survey panels, offering daily online surveys. You can earn cash or vouchers.

Who are these people? A trusted opinion site is working for top companies. They want your opinions about products, services, and other issues. You get rewarded in return!

Rewards: Amazon payments, PayPal, and high-street coupons

Survey amount: 1,200 to 50,000 points (80,000 points get you a PS15 coupon).

Min. Minimum reward threshold for vouchers: 27,000 (or 500 if you wish to be entered in prize draws).

i-Say (IPSOS)

Make PS10+ per month.

Who are these people? One of the most profitable survey-based market research firms. IPSOS works with trusted brands and research firms around the world.

Rewards – High-street and Amazon Vouchers plus prizes for all members

Amount per survey: ~PS1.

Opinion Outpost

They are who? Opinion Outpost has gained popularity because of its fast payouts, fun surveys, and high customer satisfaction.

Rewards – Money and Amazon Vouchers

Amount per survey: 50p


LifePoints Surveys allow you to earn PS3-5 an hour.

Who are these people? MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket were two very popular survey sites. They have now merged to create LifePoints.

Rewards: Amazon payments, PayPal, and high-street coupons

Amount per survey sites: ~PS1.

Min. Minimum reward threshold: 550 Points (PS5)

Pinecone Research

The survey, invite only.

Who are these people? Pinecone is an exclusive survey and product-testing company.

Rewards – PS3 for each completed survey, products to try and keep.

Amount per survey: PS3.


Get 50p for every survey.

Who are these people? This site is different from other survey sites. Yougov focuses more on social issues and other general interests. YouGov polls cover topics like politics, public policy, and commercial products. It’sIt’s great if you have large opinions.

Rewards – Prize draws and money.

Amount per survey: 50p – PS3.

Min. Minimum reward threshold of PS50


Minimum reward threshold for PS2

Who are they? PrizeRebel is a site where you can ”get paid” and has a strong survey section.

Reward: PayPal cash or gift cards

Amount per survey: 50p – PS20

Min. Minimum reward threshold


Interesting online surveys about consumer products

Who are these people? Marketagent has more than 2,000,000 users around the world.

Reward: PayPal cash or gift cards

Amount per survey: 10p – PS3.60.

Y Live

Earn 1 PS1 every 5 minutes.

Who are you? Y Live is a UK-based survey site that surveys people on various topics, from shopping and sports to current affairs and politics.

Rewards: Money.

Amount per survey: ~PS2-3.

Min. Minimum reward threshold: 50 Points (PS50).


It’sIt’s a unique survey site, but students love it. Earn money to search the internet and play games! Sign up now to receive a free bonus

Who are these people? Also known in the US as InboxDollars, this community rewards you for activities beyond paying surveys.

Rewards – Money and vouchers

Amount per survey: 20p – PS1.

Min. Minimum reward threshold of PS20

Valuable Opinions

One-hour HTML10 voucher

Who are these people? Valued opinions are part of a larger group that conducts market research. They send out surveys online to members who match broad demographics or have specific requirements.

Rewards – Vouchers (inc. Amazon. M&S. Sainsbury’sSainsbury’s. John Lewis).

Amount per survey: PS1 – PS5.

Triaba Panel

Many opportunities to earn.

They are who? Triaba is part of the Cint exchange and offers paid surveys via mobile and computer.

Reward: PayPal cash or gift cards

Amount per survey: 16p – PS2.80

Min. Minimum reward threshold


Sign up to earn PS3

Who are these people? PanelBase doesn’t look like your typical survey site. Although they don’t bombard you with surveys, the ones that they do send are highly paid and relevant.

Rewards – Money, vouchers, and prize draws

Amount per survey: 50p – PS10 (avg. ~PS1.50).

Mingle Surveys

Sign up for a bonus of 80p

They are who? A site that conducts surveys in the UK and EU.

Rewards – Cash, vouchers, or donations to charity

Amount per survey: 40p – PS1

Min. Minimum reward threshold for PS16

Maru Voice

Sign up to get a chance to win PS1,000

Who are they? Information to government agencies and not-for-profit organizations

Reward: PayPal cash or gift cards

Amount per survey: PS1 – PS10

The OpinionPanel Community

Members receive PS10 for signing up.

Who are these people? The UK’sUK’s largest research panel for those aged 13-30. OpinionPanel offers interesting surveys and online focus groups for universities and big brands. Their research is often featured in the media.

Rewards – Amazon and high street vouchers

Survey Cost: 50p per survey, PS30 to PS50 for the online focus group.

Opinion Bureau

Get an HTML5 bonus when you sign up.

Who are they? This is a relatively new site that offers interesting polls.

Rewards – Money or vouchers

Amount per survey: PS1 – PS10

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