Did you realize that tattooing earns more than 1 billion dollars in revenue annually? The growth was mainly because of the current worldwide pandemic. If you’re looking to be a tattoo artist, now is the best time to start!

Naturally, with the spread of the pandemic as well as the increase in the number of transactions online, it’s a better idea to market the designs of your tattoo online. You can now work in a non-high-end tattoo shop.

Unsure of where to start or where to begin? There are many options available. Learn ways to sell tattoo designs online, and more by reading our guide below:


The completion of a professional education course is at the top of your list. It is required to have a license from many states to operate an establishment for tattoos in the end. Remember that there are hundreds of tattoo shops across the nation that are brick-and-mortar as well as online.

You have to show that you’re a professional.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to complete an online course for tattoo artists first. This puts you at the top of the list and above your competition. In addition to gaining credibility as well, you’ll also be able to learn how to design higher quality, more complex designs.

Before selling on the internet be sure to have an area to showcase your qualifications. Even a simple LinkedIn profile can make a difference. However, the most effective solution is to make an online portfolio.


The process of creating your portfolio is about highlighting the work you have done previously. If you announce to people you have tattoo designs available on the internet, they should be able to view samples. If you have more examples that provide, the higher the chance that you’ll be approached for a job.

Even with the highest level of qualifications and training, customers will not approach you if aren’t able to demonstrate your skills. Your portfolio should be a visual display of the sophistication and the style of designs you’re able to create.

It’s also essential to show designs that showcase the evolution of your skills. Don’t be afraid to show your prior work. Instead of only highlighting your most impressive work, let the world know how far you’ve come and the progress you’ve made.


One of the most effective ways to market images online for tattoos is to establish your own personal website for business. Upload a sample of your designs that are small enough to ensure you can’t copy it, however large enough to showcase the particulars. You can also add watermarks to protect your designs.

If someone purchases the design, provide them with the design in all its beauty and without a watermark. The design should be large enough to print it and use it as stencils for tattoos.

What will you cost your customers? One alternative is to let people to buy individual designs. You could give a premium price for each one, but offer a discount price if they purchase many at once.


Are you unable to run a website on your own? There are other websites that are able to sell tattoo designs for you. It is all you have to do is register as a seller.

There is the option of selling through dedicated tattoo sites or on a general shopping website like eBay. Be aware that there could be some additional charges to cover. You’ll need to decide if you want to charge your customers or to take on the cost yourself.

It is also possible to visit websites such as DeviantArt.

These websites, however, permit only uploading watermarked images. If you want to market your work, you’ll need to include information about the transaction in each image’s description. Include the method of payment for your clients as well as the amount they’ll pay as well as any additional conditions.

For smoother transactions, make sure you have an agreement in place. This should contain all conditions including milestones, details, and terms concerning refunds or returns.


You can also use Upwork to market your tattoo designs on the internet. A majority of clients will publish job ads, and demand diverse tattoo designs. You are able to apply for each.

Be aware that you’re only allowed a certain amount of tokens. The tokens you spend are used each when you apply for jobs. This stops people from bombarding customers by submitting numerous applications.

Are you not interested in finding clients or operating an online presence? If you’re just looking to create a portfolio and let your clients find you, you can make use of sites like Fiverr.

Fiverr allows you to upload your resume or portfolio. You can also set prices and work plans too. Potential clients can contact you and then hire you when you have reached an agreement.


Naturally, one could make use of social media. Platforms such as Instagram have more than 1 billion monthly active users. This is a huge user base that ensures that there will always be a pool of prospective customers.

The good news is that social media platforms come with tools for selling online and marketing. It’s now easy to create ads to be displayed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

With the help of tools such as Shopify, it is possible to make direct sales available through social media. This means that users don’t have to leave the site to shop. This isn’t just quick but also convenient.

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