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5 Ways You Can Make Money With Technical Writing as a Developer

As an experienced developer, there are numerous ways that you can earn money. The best chance is you’re skilled and have the technical knowledge to write. If you’ve written blog posts, articles, or user guidebooks, then you are able to make a leap of faith and attempt technical writing.

Technical writing is about providing precise user-friendly instructions that help users grasp a certain concept or skill or product. Technical writers, you’ll be responsible for writing blog posts on technical topics and articles, documents, and other documentation for users about particular topics or products.

The goal of technical writing is to help users understand the subject without having to go through technical jargon and obstacles.

In this article, We’ll share different ways to make the transition from developer to technical writer.

1. Writing for websites and companies.

There are many companies that are looking for technical writers who can join their teams to create technical content. Numerous organizations are now adopting this idea of putting their customers at the top of the list.

They also employ technical writers to facilitate the process for them and their clients. These companies typically employ contract-based or permanent hires for specific jobs.

For a technical writer, this is an excellent opportunity to earn money through technical writing and become a developer.

2. Maintaining documentation

Maintaining and contributing to documentation is also an excellent method to show off your talents and experience. While it’s not a way for you to show off as a direct way to earn money, it does introduce you to other people and awards you with the knowledge that is crucial when you are looking for a job.

I’ve been offered a variety of jobs through showcasing my technical documentaries. However, there are projects that may ask you to maintain and update their technical documentation, for cost.

3. Publishing your own book or ebook

Digital products, such as eBooks are another great option to earn money as a technical writer. You can make use of this to create a book on a subject that you like and then make money selling the book.

It is an effective opportunity to earn money especially if the book has straightforward guides and valuable information. You can earn a substantial amount of money writing ebooks.

4. Writing on Medium

Medium happens to be among the platforms that could earn you money while you write about the things you are passionate about. 

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With consistently good writing and high value, you could earn an impressive amount of cash on these platforms. It also hosts some of the top websites with expert writers to study and editors to work with.

It will help you to develop and improve your writing abilities while earning money and extra income. This can be beneficial, especially from a beginner’s perspective of things.

5. Writing for other publications

It is mainly about pitching to other notable publications and informing them of your ideas to discuss. If the pitch you submit is intriguing they’ll ask you to draft an outline and begin creating content for their publication.

These publications also pay you for the finished piece, and only when they have received approval from the editorial board. Although it can take a long time to complete the publishing process in a magazine like this however it is worth it.

The piece of work and the topic They can be paid a substantial amount of money, typically from $150 to $600.


For a recap of some ways we have observed how to earn money through technical writing while working as a developer:

  • Technical writing for businesses
  • Contributing to the documentation
  • Digital products and eBooks
  • Writing on Medium
  • Write for publications other than our own.

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