GPT Websites

The Best GPT Websites To Make Money Online

Now it’s time for us to look at some legitimate GPT websites to make extra cash on the side.

Please remember that these GTP websites don’t pay a lot and can’t replace your job.

There are some GPT Websites that help you make money online.

GPT Websites


Survey Junkie is one of the most popular online survey platforms. Survey Junkie doesn’t care about multiple offers like many GPT Websites.

Survey Junkie asks you for demographic information when you sign up. This helps us match you with the most relevant research studies or surveys.

Then you can start to answer short or long surveys for $0.25 to a few bucks.

Personally, I don’t enjoy answering surveys for money. However, Survey Junkie offers the opportunity to cash out with PayPal or get a selection of gift cards free of charge once you have earned $5.

GPT Websites that are the best have a low minimum redemption requirement so that you can get your rewards within a few days.

Access: Fairly international.

Reward Option: PayPal, free gift card, charitable donations

Redemption Minimum: $5.

Earning Opportunities: From $1 to $6 Per Hour


Branded surveys is another site where you can complete online surveys for cash.

After signing up, you’ll be asked questions about your personal characteristics to help you find the most relevant studies.

The process takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Branded Surveys are unique in that they offer a Branded Elite program.

This program allows you to be classified based on how many surveys or points you have earned during the previous month.

In simple words, the higher your monthly income, the greater the bonus money you receive at the end. This incentivizes you to spend more time doing Branded Surveys.

This loyalty bonus can be very useful for GPT enthusiasts. You will receive some extra cash at the end of every month.

Available: Canada and the United States.

Reward Option: PayPal Cash, Free Gift Cards, Charitable Donations

Minimum: 10

Earnings Opportunities: Between $2 and $5 per hour


KASHKICK has the best GPT website you can use if you are looking to make some extra money by answering surveys or playing games.

Kashkick offers PayPal cash to those who share their opinions and answer short surveys. It also offers a pay-to-play gaming section, where you can get money for new mobile apps.

Kashkick offers a very lucrative offer wall in which you can receive bonuses for trying different products.

You can still earn through surveys and playing games, but Kashkick remains a very popular GPT website.

Available: Canada, United States, and the UK.

Reward Option: Paypal cash

Minimum: 10

Earning Potential – $2 to $5 Per Hour


Another popular way of making extra money side-by-side is to use Nominal Data.

Premise Data pays you for taking photos in your city and answering short surveys.

What’s great about the premise app, is that you can do a lot of different tasks.

The premise might ask you to photograph a local barbershop or to confirm the type and price of the cereal sold in a grocery shop.

The premise offers cashouts for those who earn $20.

So many options for payment include Free PayPal Money Payoneer and Bitcoin.

Premise Data can also be used by people from over 120 nations, making it one of the most adaptable GPT Websites.

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