Drop Shipping B2B Wholesale Marketplaces

Top Drop Shipping B2B Wholesale Marketplaces

B2B wholesale marketplaces

There is no better method to discover ideas for your products than directly from the source? It’s been a common choice for entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry for some time and this list would not be complete without it.

Sites for manufacturer and wholesale suppliers provide you with many different ideas for products. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of items that are available, so go slowly.


Alibaba is among the biggest e-commerce companies around the globe that is up there with Amazon along with eBay. The platform connects shoppers with wholesalers and producers from Asia.

With over 5,900 categories of products available and services, there’s not much that you won’t find on Alibaba.

 Alibaba Dropshipping products are available in all types of niches and categories which means there’s plenty to draw inspiration from.

Although it’s commonly believed the fact that Alibaba is the biggest online database of manufacturers and wholesalers however, there are numerous other websites that are like Alibaba which you can use to get ideas and new product ideas.


The DSers can be described as a market in which you can purchase items on AliExpress and then sell them them on Shopify. They provide automated order fulfillment which makes it a preferred choice for entrepreneurs choosing what products to offer on Shopify. Check out what’s available, and then review Oberlo’s most popular products to assist you in coming on your own thoughts.

Other B2B wholesale marketplaces comprise:

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