How to Make Money on Twitch

Twitch is the most popular gaming platform with around 4 million streamers every month, and 17.5 million daily average users who are all watching or playing others playing video games. Twitch is also a great place for those looking to turn their passion into some extra cash and earn some extra cash without being employed in a traditional way.

Certain broadcasters earn seven figures per year through sponsorships, subscriptions, and a portion of advertising revenue in addition to other factors. They typically have thousands of followers, and they spend all day playing, broadcasting, and hosting game shows on their platform.

However, you don’t have to be a professional user to earn money from the platform. Learn how to grow your fan base and start earning money through Twitch.

It’s impossible to build a following on any online platform within a short time. The same is true for Twitch.

It’s possible to earn a bit of cash in the beginning however don’t expect to earn an income that is steady until you’ve done a lot of effort. Find your area of expertise, whether it’s an activity, genre, or shtick. If you’re not the best player, you can be the most entertaining. Establish a regular schedule for streaming so that fans know when to listen to you. Utilize your social media accounts (e.g. TwitterYouTube, FacebookInstagram, etc). To advertise the popularity of your Twitch broadcasts. As well as help the other Twitch viewers by being a part of and watching their streams.

Your skills in networking and marketing are as crucial as your gaming abilities.

After you’ve enticed viewers, engage them. Ask questions. Crack jokes. React to conversations. A good broadcaster will get fans to watch the stream again following the stream.

How to earn money even as a beginner

If your followers grow and your reach expands, so does your chance to make cash. There are several methods to make money even while you’re building your audience:


Twitch users love to support their own streamers. One of the primary ways to do this is by making donations to their preferred streamers. Include the “donate” button to your channel — through PayPal or an app from a third party like Streamlabs -and let your viewers give the amount.

Brand partnerships

Businesses use Twitch streamers to help them get their offerings in front of people. The streamers receive a reward in the return. It is usually described as a partnership connection or an affiliate one (not to be confused with Twitch’s affiliate as well as affiliate programs, more about the latter in the future).

Opportunities for affiliates with Twitch streamers could be found in companies that sell software and hardware, as well as energy drinks and accessories like chairs and headsets. Commissions are different, but for instance, Razer — the hardware and software firm provides affiliates with up to 20 percent commission on the sales of their products.

Brands won’t usually appear on your radar unless you’re an avid gamer. Meet with other streamers to find affiliate opportunities.


If you’re able to attract a loyal public, think about selling your own products such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and laptop cases via a third-party platform like TeePublic and Spreadshop. Create a storefront and add items to it that is your style or pulled from other sources and advertise the store through the Twitch channel.

How to earn income as a Twitch affiliate

Streamers who satisfy a particular set of requirements are eligible to become an affiliate of Twitch. It is an invitation-only process and you must meet the following requirements within the last 30 days in order to be eligible according to Twitch:

A minimum of 500 total minutes were broadcasted.

A minimum of seven different broadcast days.

A minimum of three simultaneous viewers or more.

At least 50 followers.

Participation in the program offers additional opportunities to earn money from Twitch:


Subscribers can join your channel and enjoy advantages, like private chat rooms with emoticons, chatrooms, and other discounts. Monthly subscriptions begin at $4.99 and include $9.99 and $24.99 choices available. Affiliates get a portion of every subscription.

Virtual cheers

Another way that viewers can lend financial assistance is through virtual cheers, referred to as “bits.” Viewers buy bits — that come in a variety of sizes and colors in the Chat window as per Chase who was Twitch’s previous head of PR and is known only by his initials. Prices start at $1.40 to buy 100 bits. Viewers distribute them to their favorite broadcasters who are paid a percentage -1 cent per bit they use in chat.

Game sales

Imagine you’re streaming yourself playing Warframe. The game’s players can buy it and add-ons to the game directly through your channel by clicking the “buy now” button. The button will appear automatically whenever you play games on Twitch’s stores. Twitch store. Affiliates earn a five percent portion of the purchases made through their channel.

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