Vector Tracing

Vector Tracing: How to Make Money

What is vector tracing and how you can make money from it? Vector tracing allows you to convert high-quality to pixelated. Where vector graphics are quality with natural colors, clear lines and shapes, and other characteristics. It is possible to make a lot by converting raster graphics into vector graphics. Vector tracing can be a lucrative way to earn money. If you are curious, learn more about vector tracing. It also has a lot of potential benefits.

What does Vector Tracing mean?

Vector Tracing is an easy term. It is the conversion of raster graphics to Vector Tracing. These raster graphics have very low quality. They are usually in JPEG. These graphics are virtually unusable. They break their pixels when zoomed or resized. They become almost indestructible because they are pixelated. The solution is to take the raster graphic and transform them into vector graphics. You can do this using software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel DRAW.

Once that is done, you can turn the image into Vector Graphics. Once that is done, it can be converted into vector graphics. It was pixelated. We now have a good-quality photo. Vector tracing, therefore, is a very valuable skill. You can make a lot of cash by vector tracing. This will be discussed below.

How do you trace vectors with Canva?

If you don’t know how to trace vectors. Canva allows you to easily trace vectors. To trace vectors using canva, follow these simple steps.

  • Goto & Sign Up.
  • Upload the raster photo to be converted into a vector image.
  • Simply click on “More” from the left menu after you’ve uploaded.
  • Draw Beta Option is available.
  • Click on it to view different pen tools. Marker Pen, Glow Pen, Pen, Pen, and More.
  • You can use these tools to draw over your image to create a new, vector-like image.
  • You can even modify the image yourself.
  • You can then export your files by clicking on the share button.

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Differences Between Vector Graphics And Raster Graphics

Raster Graphics
Raster Graphics use Pixels as their base.
Most photographers use Raster Graphics.
Raster graphics can easily be downloaded and shared.
Raster Graphics is the last option.
Vector Graphics
Vector Graphics can be described as Mathematical Lines and Curves.
Most suitable for logos, geometries, and types.
Sharing vector graphics can be a difficult task.
Vector Graphics are less large than raster images.

How much can you make by tracing vectors?

Vector training is a way to make money. Do you know how to make this money? You also need to know how much you can make. This will give you the answers to your questions. You can become a Vector tracer by working on many freelancing sites. These platforms are able to help you make a good income. It is not uncommon for freelancers to make more than $50. For tracing one single image.

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First of all, freelancing is one of the best ways to earn extra money.  There are many freelance platforms that we can use to make money. It is possible to make money as a freelance Vector Tracer. $50 tracing one vector image. As a beginner, you might also consider freelancing.

The Bottom Line

This skill is highly sought after. Only a few short years ago, there was a freelancer. They had the chance to work for more than 2000 clients. The average amount was more than $100. You can create vector graphics with Canva. 

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