Make money with freelance writing

Websites that pay you $50 or more for writing

Are you tired from writing to earn pennies (or peanuts, or whatever cliché for low-paying work you like) and are you ready to learn how to earn money online?

We’re sick of it too. This is why we regularly update our list of websites that pay on a regularly.

Below is the updated and improved the early version of 2022 Making a Living Writing’s list of freelance writing sites which pay at least $50 for each post.

Websites that Pay you to Write $50 or more for writing

  1. B. Michelle Pippin pays $50-$150 for related business articles for freelance writing.
  2. Coaches Training Blog is looking for content on coaching in the context of life, business and career types. Pay is contingent on assignments.
  3. Copyhackers pay $325 for content about branding, copywriting as well as running a business and many more. Be sure to read the guidelines before submitting and for freelance writing.
  4. CEO Hangout will pay you $50 if you arrange with the editorSend an offer and negotiate the payments prior to writing the article. They feature articles about the lifestyle of CEOs, their successful stories, interviews and other features that are reported to be that are of interest to business executives.
  5. DailyWorth will pay $150 for content on women, money and. They provide an editorial@@blackhole address, however I have asked them to send a pitch and they suggested contacting the editor in charge, Koa Beck.
  6. Doctor of Credit offers $50 for articles on personal finance which focus on credit specifically.
  7. eCommerce Insiders offers $60-$150 to write articles on online retailing.
  8. FreelanceMom will pay $75-$100 to write posts about running a successful business while an active parent.
  9. FreshBooks (yup, the is the same freelancer that invoices us on the the site we recommend) offers a rate of $200 per post up to. You can negotiate to obtain a better price.
  10. Acorns has launched a new online publication known as Grow Magazine which will pay $50 or more for financial writing targeted towards young people. The guidelines aren’t posted but they have told me to submit my story to with the word”STORY” in the subject line. We generally don’t recommend generic emails, however, since the establishment is fresh, it might not be a massive black hole at this point.
  11. IncomeDiary offers $50-$200 for content about earning money online, such as SEO, affiliate sales as well as traffic generation.
  12. Mirasee offers $200 for posts that contain 1,000-2,000 words about the topics of business productivity, marketing and other growth-related subjects. NOTE: Mirasee is currently paying only for posts that they pay commissions for. Unsolicited posts aren’t paid.It is important to note that Mirasee does not pay for uncommissioned posts
  13. Modern Farmer reportedly will pay around $150 for each article.
  14. The Penny Hoarder offers money-saving tips. It is necessary to negotiate the amount with editors in the process of pitching and also be prepared to give up a link back to your website.
  15. Priceonomics The company will pay $1,000 for 2,000 words on economics and data. The question is: Articles have to be submitted on specific requirements. They may publish Requests for articles on particular subjects This could get your closer to that pay check. Note: The pub’s guidelines for writers are now that they pay $50 per article. Make sure you are able to negotiate payments.
  16. RankPay offers $50 for content on SEO, Content Marketing as well as social media.
  17. LiisBeth will be focused on female entrepreneurs. Learn the guidelines, read previous articles, and take a look at the About page as well as the LiisBeth manifesto to gain a sense of the readership. Pay is contingent upon the assignment.

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